• RDacoustics Acoustic Diffuser QRD67
    Cyprus Sep 22, 2017

    Acoustic diffuser prevents unwanted sound reflections inside the listening space and it increases its overall acoustic quality. It does not absorb the sound wave just like usual isolation does, but instead, it evenly diffuse it. The acquisition of acoustic diffuser is that it fill the listening s ..


  • TU-202 Mk2
    Netherlands Jun 30, 2017

    New Sealed Box: 1x Harmonix TU-202 MK2 Tuning Feet set of 4 pieces.Retail price per set €750 Now for €525 Per Set. Visit my website:


  • SF-200 Mate
    Netherlands Jun 30, 2017

    Demo and New: Harmonix SF-200 Matt comes with Box.2 sets New sealed Box.1 set DemoRetail price €299 Now for €175 per set.


  • Equipment feet
    Greece Jun 25, 2017

    For sale 1 set of 3 Tonian Acoustics equipment feet, very rare on the second hand market..Adjustable feet, combination of brass and wood that works under every component.Outperform more expensive anti-resonator feet. Good condition.  PayPal 4%

    €330.00   New retail: €600.00

  • "ARNO" Model M
    Serbia Apr 13, 2017

    "Arno" Antiresonant pins have been developed in order to eliminate unwanted vibration in audio devices. They are made of a very hard wood in combination with a mechanical system consisting of a ball bearing and a semicircular pins. To enable optimum resonance transfer, position the "ARNO" ANTIR ..


  • RSP 901EX
    Serbia Mar 20, 2017

    You will recognize at once that the PSP-901EX dramatically improves the sound quality of your system. The sound will be more clear and natural throughout the entire range with 901EX. You will feel and experience more real sound that is full of musicality. In a word, you will be convinced that th ..


  • IP2-F
    Serbia Aug 7, 2016

    Each equipments vacant digital input and analog input terminal are place where dust gets easily collected. Not only that becomes an origin of mixture for noise.By letting these input terminal short-circuit, it prevents noise getting inside the equipment. Furthermore, letting the input terminals s ..


  • BSIP-2
    Serbia Aug 7, 2016

    Rigid connection by highly precise process and vibration control effect improved by epoch-making vibration control material! Superior material used for sound quality and vibration control effect 


  • REM-8
    Serbia Aug 7, 2016

    The REM-8 releases an electromagnetic wave generated by its original print coil and circuit. Due to its revolutionary concept and structure, the electromagnetic wave released from the REM-8 cancels any electromagnetic waves emanating from the transformers of components in the audio system. Eff ..


  • Dad3-dad4
    France Sep 1, 2015

    THE BEST SOUND HARMONIZERSIN THE WORLDSome authoritative people in the audio field flatter us by claiming that DAADs are the best device ever made for home environment acoustics. Why?To keep up with the high-end sound evolution, we have created a "fast" acoustic trap able to deal with the resonan ..


  • Amd
    Singapore Mar 25, 2015

    Krell AMD Acoustic Mass Dampers in very good condition for sale. A set of 4 Dampers With Original factory box . Includes manual. Will professionally packed to ship worldwide. Asking for Euro 350 include Shipping. Local pick up from S ..


  • Diffusor
    Germany Jul 4, 2014

    Mit viel Liebe für Details und Materialien - baut reox Wohnraumakustik-Diffusoren * Schall-Diffusoren * Neuware * reflektieren diffus den Schall und verhindern so Pseudoschallquellen * geeignet für Front-, Rück- und Seitenwände ..


  • Resonance dampers
    Italy Apr 30, 2014

    Box with 4 dampers, as new, original box.


  • Diffusor
    Germany Mar 31, 2014

    reox - ein neuer slowakischer High-End Zubehör Hersteller. Mit viel Liebe für Details und Materialien, und nach langen Hörsitzungen, entstehen hier seriös und knapp kalkulierte Produkte, ohne Voodoo-Preisaufschläge ! * Schall-D ..


  • Esd cable elevators
    United States Nov 5, 2012

    Set of 10 ESD Cable Isolators Place your order now on our secure website: www.CableIsolators.cominfo@cableisolators.com801.810.8184Elevate Your Audio!Cable Isolators are a spectacular tweak providing immediate benefits by remov ..


  • Schafwollmatten
    Germany Apr 26, 2012

    Tauschen Sie doch mal Ihre Lautsprecherbedämpfung aus !!* 75 % Schafwolle, 25 % Poyester* Schafwollmatten absorbieren deutlich mehr Schall als Polyestermatten* besserer Mitteltonbereich* bessere Ortbarkeit* kinderleicht zu taus ..


  • M-cd
    Germany Apr 25, 2012

    Carbon-CD-Auflage* reduziert Resonanzen* reduziert Streulicht* reduziert CD-Schwingungen* Neuware* bringt klanglich mehr Struktur und Details* Lieferung in einer AluverpackungKontakt:


  • Ia.21.3pinred
    Portugal Nov 22, 2011

    3 pcs Vibration Isolation Brown Wooden FeetFor elimination of vibration pick-up from supports in Audio EquipmentsFrom high quality material and professional craftmanship.Provide both isolation and support.Suitable for improving ..