• Cerapuc
    Greece Feb 12, 2018

    For sale Finite Elemente, Cerapuc, 4 item's, in very good condition with original pelican box and accessories. Recommended component weight : 10-80 kg., for audio components, speakers and racks. Flat shipping rate to EU 10 euro's. PayPal ad 4%. Thank you.


  • "ARNO" Model M
    Serbia Apr 13, 2017

    "Arno" Antiresonant pins have been developed in order to eliminate unwanted vibration in audio devices. They are made of a very hard wood in combination with a mechanical system consisting of a ball bearing and a semicircular pins. To enable optimum resonance transfer, position the "ARNO" ANTIR ..


  • Amd
    Singapore Mar 25, 2015

    Krell AMD Acoustic Mass Dampers in very good condition for sale. A set of 4 Dampers With Original factory box . Includes manual. Will professionally packed to ship worldwide. Asking for Euro 350 include Shipping. Local pick up from S ..


  • Resonance dampers
    Italy Apr 30, 2014

    Box with 4 dampers, as new, original box.


  • Ia.21.3pinred
    Portugal Nov 22, 2011

    3 pcs Vibration Isolation Brown Wooden FeetFor elimination of vibration pick-up from supports in Audio EquipmentsFrom high quality material and professional craftmanship.Provide both isolation and support.Suitable for improving ..