• Transrotor Leonardo 25/40 + Rega  + Denon DL-160
    Germany May 7, 2018

    High end acrylic player with black aluminum applications. 25 mm thick base plates, 40 mm thick matt acrylic plate. With Rega Tonearm, Denon DL-160 (high output MC) pickup system and belt drive. With external power supply. Top condition from 1st hand.More pictures (our images are all original imag ..


  • Thorens TD-125 + Shure SME 3009
    Germany Apr 30, 2018

    classic turntable with subchassis and belt drive via (metal) sub-platter. Frame in walnut. With Shure SME 3009 tonearm, original Shure SME headshell and original SME connection cable. With dust cover. Top condition from 1st owner. With original packaging (!)More pictures (our images are all origi ..


  • AVID Ingenium + AVID Pellar Phono  MM i MC
    Poland Mar 25, 2018

    AVID Ingenium turntable and preamplifier AVID Pellar PhonoFor sale AVID Ingenium turntable with preamplifier MM and MC AVID Pellar Phono - as new. Made in UK.In the comet: turntable with ProJect 9 "Carbon arm, Nagaoka MP-110 turntable cartridge, additional base, pressure, mat, original packagin ..


  • Indian signature 4 generation
    Croatia Mar 23, 2018

    Vyger Indian signature 4 generation full  in silver and Ortofon Cadenza black .


  • Triple X with TA 1000 12 inch arm
    Netherlands Nov 18, 2017

    New price € 6800,-At Acoustic Signature built excellent turntables real mechanical masterpieces. But still they are record player for every day. How does that work? we see good design, excellent sound and usability not as opposites but as parts of a harmonious whole. Triple X .With the Triple X ..


  • WOW
    Netherlands Nov 18, 2017

    WOW with the 2M Blue of Ortofon


  • Thorens TD124 MKII, SME 3009
    Slovakia Aug 8, 2017

    I will sell the Thorens TD 124 MKII with the SME 3009(without a cartridge).Wooden plinth and new plexi dust cover.100% technical condition - as new.Serial No. 74387.


  • Beorde
    Italy Dec 12, 2016

    For sale New  Klimo Beorde Turntable, power supply, power cord, manuals, tonearm Bliant 13 , cartridge included Shelter Model 301 Mk2 with 2 years warrantyWe welcome business from around the globe. Please contact us in advance of purchase for a shipping quote. You are responsible for voltage co ..


  • Reference SE + London Decca Reference air bearing linear tracking tonearm
    Indonesia Nov 29, 2016

    Included : London Decca Reference air bearing linear tracking tonearm , Triangle Art TA-1 brass clamp , Rega type arm board & outboard speed controller .  Voltage : 230 volts original . Stereo Times' Publisher's Choice 2012 Award winner .

    €17,500.00   New retail: €45,820.00

  • Rotary + SME
    Germany Sep 22, 2016

    Classic Transrotor drive with belt drive and subchassis. The platterprovided with polished weights not only ensures a high moment of inertia but also is visually, especially in the operation, a highlight. With tonearm SME 3009 / II with original SME headshell Transrotor Unisweep brush, original ..


  • Quasar +Kuzma Reference + Table
    Germany Aug 31, 2016

    On 75 piece limited high end turntable with 32 kg heavy platter and integrated Groove insulator mat. Color: white pearl with golden details. Belt drive on Papst DC motor with elaborately regulated supply voltage. With Kuzma Reference tonearm with through wiring. With more base-plated Transrotor ..


  • Skeleton + SME
    Germany Aug 26, 2016

    Super Rare turntable with belt drive and subchassis. With SME 3009 / III tonearm in black colour with Titanium Nitride armtube, damping device and continuous wiring to the RCA connectors without contact point. Was 1997 at Räke / Transrotor refurbished (document 1900,- DM included). Since then, v ..


  • SP-10 MK III + SH10B5 Base + Exact Type 2 Tonearm
    Germany Aug 11, 2016

    Even though it seems so: Besides the similar appearance, the SP10 MK3 has with the significantly more sold SP 10 MK II almost nothing in common. The plate weighs almost as much as an entire SP-10 MKII, the drive is significantly stronger (16 kg · cm around half times as strong as the drive of th ..


  • Synchron chrome
    Germany Aug 9, 2016

    Super Rare mass drive with chrome chassis. According to our information, only 40 pieces were of this model built, of which only one with a chrome chassis. Belt drive. With tonearm SME 3009 / III and Goldmund Relief mat. With external power supply the way and the possibility to mount a second tone ..


  • Reference
    Netherlands Apr 18, 2016

    One of the best turntables money can buy. It is in great condition, except for some small superficial scratches on top of the plinth. The arm, motor and cartridge are in great condition. Take it for a spin and you are sold.The price is for the turntable, arm and ZYX Universe S cartridge, which m ..


  • B-790
    Germany Dec 30, 2015

    gray / silver coloured, tangential arm, quartz-controlled direct drive with speed fine regulation. Very high operating comfort. With Grado XG (MM) pickup system.More pictures (our images are all original images of the real items for sale), several thousand more classic Hifi articles and more than ..


  • Connoisseur gold with SME
    Germany Oct 28, 2015

    The dark version of the Transrotor Classic. Acrylic chassis with gilt applications and SME 3009 tonearm. The acrylic platter is reinforced from the bottom with gilded weights. This is among other things an excellent synchronism. It is belt-drive driven with outstanding motor . With external power ..


  • SL-1000MK2
    Venezuela Aug 26, 2015

    Description Turntable vintage Technics SL-1000MK2 in excellent conditions, perfectly preserved, as you can see on the pictures.Feel fre to make any questions or request concerning pictures.It's absolutely original, in mint conditions, like a Museum piece.Technics SL-1000 MK2 Broadcast TurntableTe ..


  • Basis audio Debut signature and Vector 4
    Slovenia Jun 11, 2015

    I am sellin a Basis audio Debut signature turntable with vacuum pump and Vectror 4 tonearm. Everything is in perfect condition with original packaging.


  • Planar 3 & grace 707
    Slovenia Jan 23, 2015

    Rega Planar 3 with Grace G 707 Mk II tonearm. Tonearm is rewired with completely new Cardas Incognito Rewire (price 265 EUR).


  • Connoisseur with sme
    Germany Dec 2, 2014

    The "dark " version of the Transrotor Classic. Acrylic chassis and platter with goldent applications and also gilded SME 3009 tonearm with demountable damping device . The black platter is with gold plated bottom weights. This ..


  • Music hall usb-1
    Slovenia Jul 22, 2014

    Music Hall usb-1 je najmanjši gramofon, ki bo navdušil vsakega ljubitelja "vinilke" in tistega, ki bi rad to postal. Je lahek za uporabo in zelo zabaven, z njim lahko celo presnamete "vinilko" v digitalno obliko! Na voljo v črn ..

    €194.35   New retail: €299.00

  • Turntable&reference
    Slovenia May 10, 2014

    Turntable with reference Voyd and Helios Orion 4 arm


  • Sondek lp12
    Greece Mar 31, 2012


    €1,100.00   New retail: €3,000.00