• Signature Turntable + 12" Osiris Tonearm
    Singapore Nov 24, 2017

    Triangle Art Signature turntable (All Chrome) . Include Osiris 12" Ebony Wood Tonearm , Triangle Art TA-1 brass clamp,Achromat by Funk Film Record Mat and Outboard Speed controller . Suitable Voltage : 100 - 240V volts 50/60Hz .Shipping Weight : +- 250 lbs / 115  kgs. ( Very Heavy )Photos are ..


  • L1 - ex demo
    Netherlands May 8, 2017

     For sale a demo Sperling L1 from December 2015, the platter has been shipped to the manufacturer turnery so as new, never used after that.For those who don' knowthis turntable it’s a very heavy TT (more than 50 kg) – Platter is a big piece of aluminum (more than 30 kg).You can set ..


  • KENWOOD KD 550
    Serbia Nov 2, 2016

    KENWOOD KD 550 turntable for sale. The chassis is made of white marble. Turntable is in very good condition with small traces of use.Turntable is upgraded, built-in anti-resonant feet , the better mat, and better template for tonearm.The buyer can contact me via email , or via Viber +381 64 16 ..


  • SG1.1 with Centroid tonearm
    Czech Republic Aug 3, 2016

    The 32kg SG1.1 is a remarkably dense, belt-driven, split-plinth design with an on-board AC synchronous motor driving a 11kg platter of graphite, vinyl, and phenolic. While the SG1.1's clever tonearm-mounting system allows for simple installation of almost any arm, Spiral Groove's complementary Ce ..

    €18,480.00   New retail: €31,000.00

  • Prestige + SME 3012-r gold limited
    Germany Jul 19, 2016

    One of the best turntable ever built. Belt drive and subchassis. Speed ​​33, 45 and 78 RPM selectable and adjustable. With SME 3012 rg gold limited with metal knife bearings (serial number 15) tonearm including certificate, original user manual, tool kit, damping device, replacement headshell ..


  • RX/RY/RW-1500 + SAEC 308L
    Singapore May 4, 2016

    A Set of Micro Seiki RX/RY/RW-1500 Belt Drive Turntable + SAEC 308L Tonearm  in excellent condition for sale.Original condition .Play 33/45 rpm.Suitable Usage Voltage:  220VAC to 240VAC 50/60Hz.Tonearm cable + Headshell included.No Cartridge + Record clamp in this sale. Will ship this item in ..


  • TD-6001
    Germany Oct 9, 2015

    Heavy and wide turntable with hole for 12 inch SME-arms. With belt drive speed fine adjustment and dust cover. Very rare model.More pictures (our images are all original images of the real items for sale), several thousand more classic Hifi articles and more than 30,000 second-hand records and CD ..


  • PL90
    Venezuela Aug 26, 2015

    The Pl-90 it is in excellent conditions, unique owner. We can send more pictures by request of the interested part.Here it is a short description:The PL-90 is made for the purist. Its features are basic - just those needed to improve sound. In essence, the player is designed to extract all the mu ..


  • Lp 12
    Germany Dec 8, 2014

    Up for sale a LINN SONDEK LP12 NIRVANA & VALHALLA upgrates. This turntable coming with LINN AKITO tonearm. Τhe wooden paneling has been treated with special materials and is like new. Previous owner was very attentive.


  • Thorens td 124
    Germany Dec 8, 2014

    This is a fully repaired Thorens TD 124 from specialist Jürg Schopper. Coming with new Plinth & Tonearm Boards, SME tonearm & EXTRAS like Non-Magnetic Main Platter and more.NEVER USED BEFORE.


  • Sapphire
    Germany Jun 16, 2014

    Former American reference drive with sapphire plate stock. With belt drive and subchassis. At speed, fine timing device and an external power supply. Removable arm base with 25 mm bore diameter. Small taped hood damage back, ot ..

    €979.00   New retail: €2,700.00