Adam Audio

  • A8X Active near / midfield Monitors x 1 pair
    Singapore Sep 11, 2017

    Adam Audio A8X  Two- Way Active Near / Midfield Studio Monitor x 1 pair (2 pcs) in brand new condition for sale.Removed from boxes for photos and testing.Sales include manual , power cord and original boxes.German Handmade Precision X-ART Tweeter8.5“ Woofer (Carbon/Rohacell/Glass Fiber)Amplif ..


  • S4X-H Active Monitor Speakers- SOLD
    Singapore Jun 1, 2017

    Adam Audio S4X-H  Three Way Active Midfield Studio Monitor x 1 pair (2 pcs)800 watts active amplification built brand new condition for sale. New in boxes.Include Manual, power cord and original boxes.                  1 x X-ART Ribbon Tweeter                  6" HexaCone Mid ..


  • Sub 7
    Singapore May 19, 2017

    Adam Audio Sub 7 Active Subwoofer in brand condition for sale.Include Manual, Remote and box.Diameter: 7"140 WattFrequency response: 31-150 HzInputs: RCA unbalancedXLR balancedPhase switchSwitchable 85 Hz high-pass filter satelliteNo magnetic shieldingDimensions: 371 x 200 thomann x 280 mmWeight: ..


  • S3X-V Active Speakers --- SOLD
    Singapore Sep 5, 2015

    Single unit Adam Audio S3X-V Active Speakers  in Mint condition for sale.The S3X-V combines the X-ART tweeter with a 4.5" HexaConemidrange speaker and 9" HexaCone woofer in a studio monitor that impresses with its well-balanced and supremely detailed sound. Whether it is a complex sounding l ..