• K2 speaker cable (pair) length 4 meters with Furutech CF-202® Rhodium plugs
    Austria Jan 12, 2018

    Price on Request / Preis auf AnfrageFrom our showroom in near mint condition with original package and 12 month guarantee. We are an official Austrian AQ dealer, and all our cables are directly bought from the official Austrian AQ distributor Other length on request.

    €0.00   New retail: €28,970.00

  • OAK / Tree Series / 3m / Single-BiWire / DBS!
    Croatia Oct 7, 2017

    The best Copper cable that Audioquest has ever made. The cable sounds fantastic due to high purity copper, geometry of cable, DBS system which lowers the noise floor and silver plated highest grade HQ copper termination. Definitely biggest bang for buck in Audioquest speaker line of cables.RRP is ..


  • Colorado XLR interconnect with 4Meters lenghts
    Netherlands Aug 31, 2016

    Hello,here is an offer from one of my Customer for:Audioquest Colorado Interconnect XLR with 4Meters, ship worldwide, please advise your exact address to get your quote.Rules of sales:Sales are final, no return accepted since i am not a dealer, only getting your agreement to buy, Payment by ban ..


  • Signature digital
    Netherlands Jun 1, 2015

    For sale an Audioquest signature digital cable in new condition, not used yet with original package.Priced at the Highend Broker 1450 euro incl free shipping.


  • Cinemaquest
    Netherlands Oct 31, 2014

    For sale several audioquest cable:Audioquest/cinemaquest:S1:S video to scart 1 meter – 20 euro*S1:S video to scart 2 meter – 30 euro*S2:S video to S video 3 meter – 40 euro*S2:rca to bnc 3 meter - 40 euro*(3 available)S2 BNC to ..