Karan Acoustics

  • KAM 2000
    Slovenia Jan 29, 2018

    These are the current flagship Karan amps. This pair is in excellent (9/10) condition and comes with original wooden crates and all documentation. There are no speakers in this world that would challenge the mighty Karan KAM 2000 amps. They will drive any loudspeaker to its maximum capabilities ..


  • KA L Reference Mk3
    Croatia Oct 28, 2017

    1 year old unit in silver, one owner, 4 years of transferable warranty left!!!!KA – L Reference Mk3 is our ultimate statement, with all of our knowledge and experience built into it. The best passive components that can be found on the market are being used in order to gain the best results pos ..


  • KAS 600 stereo amplifier
    Croatia Oct 28, 2017

    1 Year old, one owner, 4 year transferable warranty left!!!!This stereo amplifier derived from our wish to improve our, we could say, legendary KA S450, even more. Uncompromised solutions, new design of key structures and higher quality parts that we applied, added to significant raise of sound q ..


  • Kas 400
    France Mar 22, 2017

    Karan Kas 400 amp in silver bought by the first owner is November 2014 in mint condition, with original wooden package. warranty left until nov 2019


  • Kas180mk1
    Netherlands Sep 20, 2014

    Stereo power amplifier, black finish, available from an official Karan Acoustics importer and service point since 19992 x 180 Watts at 8 Ohm, and more than 300 Watts at 4 OhmsIncluding manual, one year warranty, and original pa ..

    €2,460.00   New retail: €6,870.00

  • Kas400
    Netherlands Jul 1, 2012

    demo model in silver finish available from Karan Acoustics service and sales point in Holland since 1999.European voltage 230 V, 50HzTrade in of any other Karan Acoustics component is welcome.Warranty extension is photos at  

    €7,860.00   New retail: €11,900.00