Nbs Cables

  • NBS Black label XLR, Balanced 2.4m | SOLD * SOLD
    Netherlands Dec 4, 2017

    FOR SALE! | AS NEW! NBS Black label XLR, Balanced 2.4mThis NBS Black label XLR is in amazing condition.Condition:- The technical condition is 10/10. - The cosmetic condition is 9/10.The NBS Black label XLR comes with all original belongings, such as;- Complete with original pouch and label(2x)Th ..


  • Monitor III XLR
    Germany Oct 12, 2015

    High End XLR balanced audio cable, 2 x 1.25 m long. No gray market import, original from the German NBS distributor (Active Audio). With original packaging.More pictures (our images are all original images of the real items for sale), several thousand more classic Hifi articles and more than 30,0 ..

    €779.00   New retail: €2,000.00