• RSA-V1EX
    Serbia Jul 16, 2017

    Great sounding Integrated with rich texture,extraordinary bass, micro & macro dynamic and great 3D sound stage.Fantastic match for Harbeth, PCM, Spendor, Tannoy...EX Demo (as new)


  • RSP 901EX
    Serbia Mar 20, 2017

    You will recognize at once that the PSP-901EX dramatically improves the sound quality of your system. The sound will be more clear and natural throughout the entire range with 901EX. You will feel and experience more real sound that is full of musicality. In a word, you will be convinced that th ..


  • Rsa - v 1 dt
    Slovenia Feb 24, 2014

    Wonderfull integrated amplifier from SPEC Corp. RSA-V 1 DT for sale.It s a demo unit,condition like new ! 3 x RCA  line inputs.1 x XLR   line .2 x 50 w at 8 ohm .2 x 100 w at 4 ohm .frequency response .10 HZ-30kHz .

    €3,500.00   New retail: €4,990.00