• PerfectWave DAC MK2
    France Aug 5, 2017

    Hello, we have an offer on behalf a customer for A PS audio PerfectWave DAC MK2,including the original Box, user manual, AC power cable, Invoice from original Buyer (2014)The price including the shipping, please don't ask for discount.Unit voltage is  220/240V 50/60HZ.Paypal is accepted.


  • SDR2000 + SDR3000 - SOLD
    Singapore Jul 20, 2017

    Spectral Audio SDR-3000 Reference CD Transport + SDR-2000 DAC in Excellent condition for sale.Track CD perfectly. Include Original Metal remote ,manual and  box . Will professionally packed to ship worldwide. Asking for Euro + Shipping. Local pick up from Singapore is welcome. Suitable volt ..


  • JS1 mk IV (with USB input)
    Indonesia Apr 23, 2017

    For sell : Jadis JS1 mk IV tube DAC with separated power supply ( include : optional USB HD 24/192khz input) Voltage : 220-240 v (convertable to 120 v) This is latest flagship DAC by Jadis - France .  Bought as new in 2016 .Very low hours used .

    €9,800.00   New retail: €16,260.00

  • Dac 30( sold)
    Netherlands Apr 17, 2017

    The sound is excellent and in perfect Black Books was so much more resolve, more 3D and more relaxed way just to give you an idea about the sound of this DAC.One of the best I've heard. DAC30USB digital-to-analog converter, the Blacknote DAC30 is an asynchronous digital-to-analog converter is eq ..


  • Concord dac 1 usb and firewire
    Netherlands Apr 4, 2017

    For sale an ex demo ASTIN TREW CONCORD DAC 1 USB and Firewire and a separate USB card in mint condition, with original package.Priced at the Highend Broker 1500 euro


  • D05
    Netherlands Apr 3, 2017

    For sale an Esoteric D05 da converter in great condition inclusive original package. (no remote)Priced at the Highend Broker 3200 euro*. Reduced 06-02-2017 old price 3750 euro.


  • Alpha USB - free shipping
    Italy Mar 30, 2017

    For sale a Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB, 220-240 volts, in mint condition No original box, but will be packed professionally.Priced at the Highend Broker 1500 euro* incl shipping inside the eu.


  • Gold Dac
    Italy Mar 30, 2017

     For sale a Lavry Gold dac, used by the top studios, in mint condition with original package.Priced at the Highend Broker 4450 euro


  • North Star Desing Supremo
    Croatia Oct 4, 2016

    Dac in excellent condition old 18th months, tops the North Star series of extraordinary sound and design.


  • Model 50 DAC
    Germany Sep 20, 2016

    High End DAC. Black coloured American made high-end DA converter developed by Nelson Pass, 2 x coax (RCA) + 2 x optical (toslink) digital inputs, symmetric. (XLR) + unsymmetr. (RCA) analog outputs.More pictures (our images are all original images of the real items for sale), several thousand more ..

    €739.00   New retail: €3,250.00

  • Young + Palmer Power Station
    Germany Sep 20, 2016

    silver coloured compact class Italian made DA converter with a separate battery power supply. 384 kHz / 32 bit. Dimensions approx 20x6x20 cm (WxHxD). Digital inputs per 1 x RCA coaxial, BNC coaxial, optical toslink, AES / EBU (XLR), USB 2.0. Like More pictures (our images are all original images ..


Nad   M51
  • M51
    France Aug 31, 2016

    One offer is available for a:Nad M51complete with original Box and all accessories.1 month warranty transfert for payment,invoice will be supplyPrice is without shipping, to get your quote, please advise your full name/addressto secure transaction, the fees of shipping must be paid separately fr ..


  • MPD-3
    Denmark Aug 29, 2016

    MPD-3 DACMPD-3 – Playback Designs Music Playback Digital to Analog Converter 3The new Playback Designs Series 3 products are revolutionary.The Playback Designs Music Playback Digital to Analog Converter 3, also known as MPD-3, is a product that is totally unique in today’s market place. The M ..

    €7,295.00   New retail: €10,400.00

  • No. 36 HDCD
    Germany Aug 4, 2016

    High end DA converter. With HDCD Chip. Dimensions ca. 40x10x36,5 cm (WxHxD). Extensive Connectivity. Digital inputs: 2 x AES / EBU (XLR), 1 x coaxial (RCA), 1 x coaxial (BNC) 1 x optical (toslink), 1 x optical (ST fiber optic). Digital outputs: 1 x AES / EBU (XLR). Analog outputs: 1 pair of unbal ..

    €1,690.00   New retail: €6,000.00

  • Aeris
    Sweden Jul 23, 2016

    Reference DAC with volume control and separate power supply from Jeff Rowland. Very good condition. Original packaging.We're a professional dealer based in Stockholm, Sweden.More information:  of our specials:

    €7,900.00   New retail: €12,000.00

  • Mod. 15
    Germany Jul 19, 2016

    black coloured high-end DA converter with remote control (for volume). Dimensions approx 35x9,5x41 cm (WxHxD), balanced (XLR) + unbalanced (RCA) analog outputs, digital inputs: 2 x ST fiber optic cable, 2 x BNC (1 x including RCA adapter.), 1 x optical Toslink, 1 x AES / EBU (XLR).More pictures ( ..

    €1,890.00   New retail: €5,000.00

    Greece Jun 19, 2016

    Mega DAC from Stahl~Tek the famous VEKIAN.Black finish , complete packaging. Demo unit.This dac makes all the other PCM dacs look and perform like kittens.Red book pcm never heard so fabulous. Put dCS in shame.It does not have DSD but can be combined with computers that convert DSD to PCM, of use ..


  • Naim dac V1
    Slovenia Mar 21, 2016

    As new condition, all original packaging and documents. Updated software (DSD compatible). Willing to send more photos.


  • Audio Note DAC 2.1x Bal
    Italy Nov 22, 2015

    A.N. DAC in mint conditions, transformer coupling is used on inputs and on the power supply. Black Gate capacitors. first owner, orig package, owners manual.


  • Delius
    United Kingdom May 29, 2015

    A DCS Delius is available in very good condition . Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com Paypal please add 5% more


  • JVC Victor XLZ-999EX CD player/DAC ***SOLD****
    Slovenia May 18, 2015

    If you ever wanted Reimyo DAC, but found it's price too excessive, now you have a chance to get an amazing JVC Victor XLZ-999EX CD player/DAC for a fraction of it's cost.Machine has extended K2 processor with upsampling to 88khz.**** CD player doesn't work, so I'm selling it as DAC only****K2 DA ..


  • La Scala Optologic
    Serbia May 9, 2015

    Amazing product., one of the best sounding DACs available."There’s no doubt that this is the finest sounding DAC to date to grace my life/system/website with its presence."John Darko, DIGITAL AUDIO REVIEW"the best ever for my s .. excl.VAT


  • Paganini / puccini
    United Kingdom Mar 30, 2015

    DCS Paganini DAC,Transport and Puccini U ClockOne Owner, All original boxes, Cables Siltech and manuals are included.There is some minor wear do to normal use with no scratches or dings to be found. Otherwise looks almost brand ..


  • Diverse
    New Caledonia Oct 31, 2014

    For sale a Stahl-tek cdt and Stahl-tek vekian D/A dac, ex demo with one year warranty in mint condition for many years pleasure, fully complete: original package, manual etc.Price at the Highend Broker 19750 Euro* and 14900 eur ..


  • No. 35 hdcd dac
    Germany Jun 13, 2014

    High end DA converter. Very neutral sounding. With HDCD Cipsatz. Extensive connectivity options. Digital inputs: 2 x AES / EBU (XLR), 2 x coaxial (Cinch), 2 x optical (toslink) 1 x optical (ST fiber optic). Digital Outputs: 1 x ..


  • Had
    Croatia Feb 1, 2014

    selling a high -end D/A converter Stylos SYS HAD


  • Orpheus mk1
    Bulgaria Dec 7, 2013

    Orpheus MK1The first our DAC Orpheus MK1 is based on CS4397 chip. This converter is a complete high-performance 24-bit, 48/96/192 kHz stereo digital-to-analog (D/A) conversion system. The device includes a digital interpolation ..


  • Tube dac ii se
    Israel Apr 26, 2013

    This is a world class dac!The sound is very detailed and dynamic yet very organic warm and 3 dimensional.This is the only digital that sounds like vinyl that i have heard!Very lightly used as part of my second system and now i ..

    €3,400.00   New retail: €8,500.00

  • Dac orheus mk2
    Bulgaria Dec 14, 2012

    DAC Orpheus MK – 2 is a high-performance digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that sets a new sound-quality standard for professional and consumer audio applications. Orpheus MK – II is based on high quality chip CS4398 with separ ..


  • Ha-160d
    Slovenia Aug 27, 2012

    Star pol leta. Brezhiben.