• Liko Design Classic Topview
    Germany Apr 30, 2018

    Modern design rack with 5 glass shelves, which are adjustable in 2.1 cm grid. Base plate granite. Total external dimensions approx. 70x131x50 cm (WxHxD). Inside width 51 cm each. The 3 pillars are illuminated from the inside (dimmable halogen lighting).More pictures (our images are all original i ..

    €1,390.00   New retail: €2,750.00

  • Grand Prix Audio Monaco
    Romania Mar 29, 2018

    I have a Grand Prix Audio Monaco 2 shelf equipment rack for sale. It is a 2 shelf long base unit with carbon fiber woven supports and acrylic shelves.A Monaco 2-shelf hi-fi stand, long base (60 cm) version so you have plenty room for those deep component. Simply the most advanced and effective e ..


  • Rack for Linn LP-12
    Germany Aug 26, 2016

    Modular High End Rack (suitable but also for other turntables or Hifi-equipment) specifically for Linn LP-12 turntable. External dimensions approx 62,5x45,5x53 cm (WxHxD). Rarely.More pictures (our images are all original images of the real items for sale), several thousand more classic Hifi arti ..


  • Avalon Idea
    Germany Jun 26, 2016

    Besonderheiten Treiber-Bestückung: ein Avalon Composite Neodymium Hochtönertweeterzwei Stück 7” Nomex Kevlar Composite Cone TieftönerWirkungsgrad 88dBImpedanz 4 ohmsempfohlene Verstärkerleistung 50-300 WattFrequenzbereich 28 Hz - 22.000 Hz ..


  • SLIM F3 Best Music
    Poland May 29, 2016

    New brand: Best Music HiFi rack, solid construction: steel and granite.Size: 75 x 58 x 50 cm, details - see the picture. If you want, we can make a rack with other materials and colours.If you are interested in our products, write:


  • HiFi rack
    Slovenia May 14, 2016

    New HiFi rack, solid hardwood construction (600x400mmoutside, 505mm inside - between the legs), modular construction with removablelegs (as shown on pictures; leg height 150mm). The tiers could be additionallyisolated by spikes (not included). The price is for 5 tiers (modules); one module/tier c ..


  • BaseTwo-L Pro absorber base
    Cyprus Apr 5, 2016

    We offer a brand new absorber base PRO measured 500x400x56mm with the following characteristics: Surface: 3mm fine anotized Aluminum30 mm high quality multiplex wood3 MLA Absorber feet; high adjustableSize L and XL has 4 MLA absorber feetWeight:  S: 2,3 kg   M: 4,4 kg   L: 5,5 kg   XL: 7, ..


  • 3 elements
    Spain May 22, 2012

    ESOTERIC UNIT without shelvesDOUBLE SUSPENDED STRUCTUREA UNIT CREATED WITHOUT SHELVESAttachments for the unit legs, made from stainlesssteel with inverted, conical perforations, specificallycreated to support the special turnta ..

    €3,500.00   New retail: €4,900.00