• JPS Labs Abyss AB-1266
    Poland Mar 25, 2018

    JPS Labs Abyss AB-1266For sale headphones JPS Labs Abyss AB-1266 along with the original sand-like new.The set contains everything from a producer in a company plus an original stand.Link to review: price of new 6000 EUROSpecs by the numbersFrequency Response: 5 Hz to 28 KHzImpedance: 42 ohms n ..


    France Mar 11, 2018

    as official dealer, i can supply all Focal Range,just ask for your TRADE,i Ship Worldwide


  • Elear
    France Dec 18, 2017

    As official dealer, we can supply Focal all for your quote for Trade-In,we can ship worldwide.Thanks a lot,Ming


  • Utopia headphone
    France Feb 6, 2017

    Hello,We propose back order for Focal Utopia headphone,We will do the "break in" to customer who will ask for it.Box will be open to proceed the break in.No extra charge.Price including worldwide shipment.


  • HD800
    Cyprus Apr 5, 2016

    Up for sale a  Sennheiser HD-800 Headphone   as New , used for about one day. Buyer backed out from the sale and purchased another brand instead.It is absolutely perfect with no wear I personally don't believe this needs any introductions. This is probably your last stop This comes with 2 yea ..


  • Audeze LCD XC****SOLD****
    Spain Jan 6, 2016

    For sale my Audeze LCD XC. First owner, bought at an authorized spanish seller. Complete with travel case, 2.5 m single ended and balanced 4-pin cable, wood care kit.  Perfect condition. 15 months old, less than 300 hours of use.Paypal (add 4%) or bank wire transfer accepted


  • CEntrance HIFI-M8*SOLD*
    Spain Dec 23, 2015

    For sale my CEntrance HIFI-8 classic (iPhone input). Very well cared, only used at home. First owner, 15 months old, very light use. Complete with original box, manual and etc.


  • T1   (sell or trade)
    Croatia Jan 28, 2014

    Selling the Beyerdynamic T1 audiophile headphones, top of the line flagship model by Beyerdynamic.  1,5 years old, but very lightly used, which shows in the condition which is almost perfect. IMPORTANT:  I put the condition 9/1 ..

    €550.00   New retail: €949.00