Frequently asked questions

  1. What is MyAudioShop?, abbreviated as MAS, is a free ads website, which enables placing an ad to all, offering new, demo or used High End equipment. The MAS administration strives for authenticity of the ads and the quality of the content. There is a sophisticated feedback system with three categories of users. No registration is necessary to view the ads, but you need to register in order to establish contact with a user of MAS. Registration is fast, free and easy and it can be done here.

  2. How to buy a product on MAS?

    To purchase a product which is advertised on MAS, you need to establish contact with a seller. In order to do this, you must be registered. Registration is easy and fast and it can be done here.

  3. How to place an ad?

    You must be a registered user to place an ad. Registration is fast, free and easy. After you have completed the registration process or logged in, you can place your ad by clicking the SELL button and then you can enter the contents of the ad. You can place your ads for free and the process is very simple. Ads are active for three months, with a possibility of multiple renewals.

  4. Why can the sellers be contacted only by the registered users?

    To ensure greater security, the seller of the chosen product can be contacted only by registered users of MAS online service by using an online form. If you are not a registered user, you are kindly invited to register HERE.

  5. I forgot my password/ username?

    If you forgot your password or username, CLICK HERE.

  6. Why are there different user statuses?

    Granting different user statuses is intended to ensure greater security of purchase for MAS users.
    There are three MAS user statuses: Regular, Premium and Trusted.

    Regular User: a status that a user gets when registering for the first time. An ad submitted by a Regular User is first verified by a MAS administrator and posted immediately after the approval of the administrator and no later than 8 hours after being submitted.

    Premium User: a status given to a user who brings three new members. An ad placed by a Premium User is posted immediately after being submitted. A sign will appear next to the username, signalling that this is a Premium User.

    Trusted User: a status which means that the user has been verified to a certain degree and therefore doing business with them is supposed to be less risky than doing business with a Regular or a Premium user. A user becomes a Trusted User by filling in all additional fields when completing the registration process and an activation password (password2) is then sent to them by regular mail. Upon entering the activation password, a sign will appear next to the username (MAS TRUSTED), signalling that this is a trustworthy user. Ads by a Trusted User will be posted immediately after being submitted.

  7. How much does it cost to place an ad?

    Placing an ad is free for all registered users. Number of ads placed is unlimited. It is also free to renew an ad.

  8. Feedback: What to do when I am selling a product or how to submit/obtain Feedback rating.

    Seller: After receiving purchase money from the buyer, you first need to log in on MAS and from the list of products in "My ads" find the product you sold. Click the Change Status button and select Sold. Enter the username of the buyer. After completing this successfully, you are asked by MAS: Do you want to give a feedback now? After clicking Yes a new window will open for you to enter your feedback. When you finish, click Send and your feedback will be submitted. If you sell a product to a customer who is not a registered MAS user, ask them to register and perform the same procedure as described above. When this is complete, MAS will send a request to your customer to return feedback.
    Buyer: To give feedback to the seller, you must first receive their feedback (the process description is given above). When the seller's feedback is submitted, you are notified of this by e-mail. Now open the window "My ads" and click Bought products. The status of the product you bought will be shown next to the product. Click Give feedback and fill out the form. Click Send and your feedback will be sent successfully.

  9. How do I manage my ads?

    Premium and Trusted users select Edit in 'My ads' banner and edit the ad.
    Regular users, send your changes to administrator to

  10. What does MAS choice mean?

    MAS rewards good ads!
    On we highly appreciate quality and good ads are therefore rewarded! If you follow the instructions or recommendations listed HERE and prepare a high quality ad with at least five photographs and a good description, there is a strong likelihood that your ad will be posted for free as a reward in the OFFER SELECTION on MAS home page with a MAS choice sign. Thus, your ad will be seen more often and the possibilities for sale will increase.

  11. What does MAS quick mean?

    MAS quick: The MAS administration has many years of experience in the market with the highest quality audio equipment. If MAS determines that your ad contains a very reasonable price, it will be posted for free as a reward in the OFFER SELECTION on MAS home page with a MAS quick sign. Thus, your ad will be seen more often.