Recommendations for a better sale

  • How to present your offer to make your sale as successful as possible? Here are some tips to help you create good ads that sell.

    Describe the subject of a sale as accurately as possible. The buyers must know what they are buying, and good presentation will attract them. We suggest you describe a product as extensively as possible, as this contributes to a better sale. Also list the possible defects. If you are unable to sell the product you are selling, you can easily renew your ad in "My Ads" among inactive ads, by clicking "Renew your ad". You do not need to re-write it - constantly writing identical ads is certainly an unpleasant task.

  • Product description.

    Description of the product is unrestricted in terms of content, but the first few sentences or the first 35 words are the most important, as these are seen in the primary view of the ad.

  • Add more photos to the product

    It is extremely important to publish high-quality photographs of the product in your ad. In our experience, a product or service with 10 photos in the ad sells much better than those without photos.

  • Never sell more products or services in one ad

    If you are trying to sell more products or services in one ad, customers will never know what you are selling in a multitude of ads on MAS - such ads are unclear, confusing and cannot be placed in the right section. This way, your product will also sell worse.

  • Invite your ad readers to look at other products or services you offer on MAS

    If you ask the users to look at the other products or services you offer on MAS, you will show them that you are constantly present on MAS and strive for your sale. Customers are more in favour of such a seller.

  • Do not place any requirements.

    If you place requirements, such as 'I answer only to mobile phone ', you will lose a great deal of buyers at the very start. Customers do not like it if you do not adapt to them - also, do not forget that you are selling in an online system where communication by e-mail or MAS system is a basis for good business.

  • Kindly invite all potential customers to contact you

    If your potential customer has any further questions, respond quickly and politely. Like everywhere, people on the internet also like nice people. MAS team thanks you for using the website and wishes you a successful sale.