Terms and Conditions

  1. In order to use MyAudioShop.com system, hereinafter referred to as MAS, the User must agree to these Terms of Use. Acceptance of the Terms of Use is a condition for using the MAS system. These Terms are periodically updated and amended. It is the User's responsibility to stay up-to-date with the Terms and to be aware and agree with any changes made every time they post an ad or buy something advertised on this website. Continued use of the MAS system following the publication of changes means that the User agrees to all the changes. For the Users who place the ads and have a contract with the Administrator, these Terms (the version, which is valid at the time the order is placed) also represent a part of the contractual terms.
  2. MAS is an intermediary system between buyers and sellers.
  3. When placing an ad for the first time, the User must register and on the date of registration must be 15 years of age or older.
    Registration is possible in three ways, as a Regular, Premium or Trusted User. A Regular User must complete the mandatory fields for registration. A password for access to MAS will then be sent by e-mail (password1). The status of a Premium User is given to a User who brings three new members. An ad placed by a Premium User is posted immediately after being submitted. A sign will be shown next to the username, signalling that this is a Premium User. The status of a Trusted User means that the User must also fill in all additional fields for registration and an activation password (password2) is then sent by regular mail. After entering the activation password, a sign will be placed next to the username, signalling that this is a trustworthy User. For all further entries to MAS the User will continue to use password1. Ads by a Trusted User will be posted immediately after being submitted.
    The status of a Trusted User means that the User has been verified to a certain degree and therefore doing business with them is supposed to be less risky than doing business with a Regular User.
    The User must complete all required fields with real data. Impersonating someone else is a criminal offence. Each User can have only one username. Legal persons may have multiple usernames but only by prior arrangement with the Administrator of the MAS website.
    By accepting these Conditions the User is bound to act in accordance with them.
  4. By accepting these Terms each User of the system allows the use and handling of personal information given for the purpose of the operation of the system, sending e-mails and text messages in accordance with Section 15 of these Terms, while MAS is bound to use the information only for the purpose for which it was obtained. MAS guarantees to treat your personal information as confidential and in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data (ZVOP-1). A personal information manager is the MAS website Administrator: the company Luna plan d.o.o., Zrkovska cesta 72, Maribor. The personal information manager will not transfer or disclose any data to third parties, except in cases when this is necessary for the purpose of the system operation.
  5. MAS, its Administrators and its Owners are not liable for the accuracy of the ads posted or their contents. The ad, including images, links and text, is the sole responsibility of the person who submitted this ad.
  6. Posting an ad is free of charge.
  7. The Users of the MAS system are bound by these Terms to include accurate contents and images in their ads and not to advertise any goods trade and/or advertising of which is prohibited by law. The same applies to services. In the case of a suspected criminal offence, MAS will participate. The Users must not copy the contents from the ads of other Users into their own ads.
  8. The Users agree not to post ads for someone else without their consent.
  9. Every ad must belong to an appropriate section according to its contents.
  10. A User can submit only one ad for the same object. It is also not allowed to place ads for the same object in two different sections.
  11. It is forbidden to advertise stolen, counterfeit and pirated goods. Counterfeit goods are goods which bear a certain mark or symbol without the authorization of the trade mark Owner and which cannot be distinguished from that mark according to their essential properties. Pirated goods are goods which are a copy (replica) or imitation of goods, manufactured without the consent of the holder of copyright or related rights and design rights, and if such production violates these rights.
  12. By submitting a bid to a particular ad and by agreeing to such a bid an obligational relationship is established between these Users: the seller and the buyer. Any possible disputes arising from this relationship (such as the accuracy of the information about the User, the contents of the offer, information about the object, the bid price, etc..) shall be resolved solely between the sellers and the buyers involved in the dispute. MAS bears no responsibility in the case of a dispute between Users. A contact form for each ad is intended only for an inquiry about a specific offer.
  13. The system Administrator reserves the right to delete or refuse to publish an ad if it is believed that placing such an ad could harm the system. The Administrator fully reserves the right to assessment in this respect. The Administrators of MAS also reserve the right to immediately delete from the list of Users those Users who violate these Terms or otherwise harm the Bolha.com system, its Administrators or Owners. The Administrator fully reserves the right to assessment in this respect.
  14. The User agrees that if it turns out that the user password of any User has been misused, bids or inquiries and other statements of will given in the name of that User are not considered to be an affirmation of their will and thus in no way cause legal effects.
  15. By posting an ad on MAS, the User agrees to diligently respond to the inquiries by other Users (either by phone or by e-mail). The User must have a functioning e-mail address and periodically check the mailbox.
  16. Users agree that MAS can publish their ads, including photos, in other media, for advertising purposes. MAS will not publish any personal information of the User in other media, but only the contents of the ads and a link to www.MyAudioShop.com website.
  17. The contents of the MAS website are legally protected by copyright, therefore copying and use of any part of www.MyAudioShop.com website, including the information provided by Users, and including it into another website without prior written permission of the MAS website Administrator is prohibited. By submitting the information on the MAS website the User grants MAS non-exclusive, copyright of the contents submitted, unlimited in time and territory. The transfer of the rights can be cancelled by the User at any time by deleting their ad. The User of the system explicitly agrees that all images published on MAS are to be marked with the logo of the Administrator.
  18. The Users may be contacted via the MAS system only for the purpose of specific inquiries and gathering information. Under no circumstances is it allowed to advertise any service or product.
  19. Each User of the system accepts these Terms and expressly waives any right to recover compensation from the MAS system Administrator, resulting from the above mentioned relationship between the seller and the buyer.
  20. The Administrators of the MAS website reserve the right to immediately delete from the list of Users those Users who violate these Terms or otherwise harm the MAS system, its Administrators or Owners.
  21. The MAS website Administrator and the website Owners are not liable for any direct or indirect damage, including any lost profits, resulting from the termination of access, ads being deleted or not being posted or a website malfunction, nor does the Administrator guarantee the success of these sites. The contents and functionality of this website are offered "such as they are", without any other guarantees. MAS, its Administrator and Owners are in no case responsible for any damages that might result from the use or inability to use this website, including and without limitation as to lost revenue or anticipated profits, loss of good name, loss of business, loss of data, computer mistakes or malfunctions, or other damaging events. If it considers it to be necessary, MAS reserves the right to terminate the MAS website at any time, for any reason and for any period of time, without prior notice.
  22. The MAS Administrator reserves the right to modify the functionality of the website and user experience, which may cause the change of the position of any ad or how the Users can find it.
  23. The MAS website Administrator reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. The User's continued use of the system after changing these Rules means that the User agrees with the changes. All the information about the website Administrator is available on www.MyAudioShop.com