• Solo AC Powerconditioner
    Netherlands Jul 25, 2017

    For sale a Tice Solo AC Power conditioner, in mintcosmetic and working condition. The Tice will definitely quiet your audio equipment - prevents power spikes and RFIfrom entering your audio system.It's rated at 1800 Watts and eight outlets (UStype) so compatible with preamps and most power amplif ..


  • Daytona 303E
    Netherlands Apr 17, 2017

    For sale a Furutech Daytona 303e in great condition, withoutoriginal package. Priced at the Highend Broker 1800euro*. For moreinformation visit our homepage: http://www.highend-broker.com * no extra taxand duties when sold inside the EU.


  • Enigma extreme powerblock EUR version.
    France Apr 2, 2017

    For sale a Kharma Eniga Extreme powerblock - schuko version with max 500 hours on it, in mint condition, with sdss stand and original package.Priced at the Highend Broker 4000 euro*. (old price 5750 euro reduced 08-02-2017)


  • Kharma Eniga Extreme powerblock
    Netherlands Mar 27, 2017

     Kharma Eniga Extreme powerblock - schuko version with max 500 hours on it, in mint condition, with sdss stand and original package


  • Eu7
    France Apr 2, 2016

    Here is an offer from a customer,Shipment will be done once payment receive.Paypal, add 4%Bank transfert prefered.


  • PSX-R
    Germany Oct 25, 2015

    silver coloured, suitable for many Cyrus. Sonically a huge increase, in particular in relation to the Bass control. New condition. With original packaging.More pictures (our images are all original images of the real items for sale), several thousand more classic Hifi articles and more than 30,00 ..


  • Netzfilter Direct Audio Cello Noise Exterminator
    Italy Sep 20, 2015

    For sale Nertzfilter made in Deutchland Direct Audio Cello noise Exterminator.Thanks.


  • P-079 e
    Slovenia Feb 5, 2014

    The reference grade of P/C series with phosphor bronze contacts and 24K gold plating.On stock full range of Oyaide schuko and iec plugs

    €100.00   New retail: €120.00

  • Isolink  reference
    United Kingdom Oct 26, 2013

    This sale is for 2x 1.5m Isolink reference mains cables.2 years old (just run-in)In boxes.


  • MTS - 4 E
    Slovenia Mar 30, 2013

    The very best power strip from Oyaide exhibit item passive type  1 x iec  silver -rhodium inlet 4 x schuko SWD-XXX-e

    €700.00   New retail: €800.00

  • P5 power plant
    Austria Jan 16, 2012

    Demo; only 22 mounth young ! EU version sith Schuko plugs ! PS-AUDIO - P5 PREMIER POWER PLANTNEUESTES MODELL, made in USAULTIMATIVE NETZAUFBEREITUNG bis 1500 Watt Dauerlast, 11000 Watt Impulslast belastbar !SENSATIONELLBeim P5 POWER PLANT ..

    €3,590.00   New retail: €4,995.00