• Solo AC Powerconditioner
    Netherlands Jul 25, 2017

    For sale a Tice Solo AC Power conditioner, in mintcosmetic and working condition. The Tice will definitely quiet your audio equipment - prevents power spikes and RFIfrom entering your audio system.It's rated at 1800 Watts and eight outlets (UStype) so compatible with preamps and most power amplif ..


  • Daytona 303E
    Netherlands Apr 17, 2017

    For sale a Furutech Daytona 303e in great condition, withoutoriginal package. Priced at the Highend Broker 1800euro*. For moreinformation visit our homepage: http://www.highend-broker.com * no extra taxand duties when sold inside the EU.


  • Netzfilter Direct Audio Cello Noise Exterminator
    Italy Sep 20, 2015

    For sale Nertzfilter made in Deutchland Direct Audio Cello noise Exterminator.Thanks.