• Reference 2 SE Phone Stage
    Singapore May 4, 2018

    Audio Research Reference 2 Special Edition Tube Phono Preamplifier  in Excellent condition for sale.Include Manual + Remote control. Will professionally packed to ship worldwide. Operating Voltage 220V-240V . Asking for Euro 8000 + Shipping.Local pick up from Singapore is welcome. Please email f ..


  • IN5 SUT
    Netherlands Jan 3, 2018

    Very nice condition, like new, first owner. Cinch input. Gain: 30:80 ohms. There are many mediocre SUT's around, and only few outstanding. Octave is one of those who know-how. Retail new 2150 euro. Now: 1075 euro. Reduced: 975 euro.


  • FET10pc Phono Preamplifier
    Singapore Jul 25, 2017

    Threshold FET10pc Phono Preamplifier in Excellent condition for sale.Include Original outboard power supply .Adjustable MM/MC impedence and gain. Will professionally packed to ship worldwide. Asking for Euro + Shipping.Local pick up from Singapore is welcome.Suitable voltage 220V-240V 50Hz ..


  • LCR-X2
    Indonesia Apr 23, 2017

    For sell : Wavac Audio Lab LCR-X2 MM/MC phono stage (consists of 3 boxes).  Voltage : 220 /230 /240 volts Condition : 9 of 10 , excellent condition .  Has original packaging & manual No blemished/tarnished/ dents , never modified/repaired .  Perfect working condition .

    €8,000.00   New retail: €27,800.00

  • Ortofon EQA-1000TА
    Ukraine Jan 17, 2017

    In the good working condition. There is no original box. Japanese. For the Japanese market. Very rare...


  • Basis Accu
    Germany Aug 15, 2016

    Top Class Phono Amp with black coloured Arcrylic housing and gilded control knob. For MM + MC extensively adaptable (internally mice piano). Super sound, among other things by a battery and external power supply. The device has got in 07-2015 a brand new battery pack (documented).More pictures (o ..


  • ANS6C
    United Kingdom Sep 9, 2015

    Legendary pure silver wired step up transformer widely recognised as the best in the world and unavailable today since the master craftsmanship passing, Kondo San


  • Eclipse DMPS VC
    Netherlands May 25, 2015

    For sale an Aesthetix Io Eclipse DMPS VC dual mono power supply and volume control option, this very exclusive phono stage belong to one of the best, in mint condition,.Priced at the Highend Broker 16700 euro* (when export we can deduct the vat)


  • Andros ps1
    Germany Jan 15, 2015

    Andros PS1 is a phono stage with many awards to carry. Very beautifull, tons of flexibility with bold musicality at an unheard of price point for this level of performance. Soundstaging is extraordinary. Flexibility of its cont ..

    €2,900.00   New retail: €4,400.00

  • An-s7c
    Slovenia May 10, 2014

    Audio Note AN-S7C phono preamplifier (Silvered former) 


  • Rs-30 eq
    Slovenia Feb 5, 2014

    For sale Leben RS-30 EQ tube phono preamp ,new !Description: Tubed phono preamplifier. Tube complement: two JAN 12AT7A (GE), one 6X5GT (GE).Phono inputs: 1 (MM). Voltage gain: 23.5dB. Input impedance: 47k ohms. Output voltage: ..

    €2,490.00   New retail: €2,600.00

  • O.r.t. se 57db
    Switzerland Nov 30, 2011

    RCruz.Audio presents the O.R.T. High Definition Phono Pre-Amplifier.After several years investigation in the Class A amplification using jfet implementations we developed a High Definition Phono Pre-Amplifier that benefits from ..

    €3,202.00   New retail: €3,202.00