• Plinius M8
    Romania May 10, 2018

    Up for sale the Plinius M8 preamplifier, like as new.Extraordinary construction / finishing.It comes with all the original accessories and boxes.The sound is full, dynamic, very musical, delicate stamps with an immense scene and impressive deep punch bass.


  • XP-30
    Singapore May 4, 2018

    Pass Labs XP-30 Line Stage Preamplifier  in very good condition for sale.Include Manual + Remote control. Will professionally packed to ship worldwide. Operating Voltage 220V-240V . Asking for Euro 7800 + Shipping.Local pick up from Singapore is welcome. Please email for low cost shipping rate.P ..


  • Naim NAC-202 + NAPSC-2
    Germany Apr 27, 2018

    Black coloured top class preamp. With remote. Connections DIN for 5 x Line and 1 x Tape. Connections RCA: 2 x Line. Includes power supply Naim NAPSC (this is only for the supply of the digital switching network). The DC power supply requires a Naim power amplifier (e.g., NAP 200) or an external p ..

    €1,890.00   New retail: €3,300.00

  • Klimax Kontrol 1
    Netherlands Apr 19, 2018

    LINN Klimax Kontrol 1 has the dual monoboards and the Dynamik option. Very nice condition, there are minimal usermarks. Complete with shipping box, remote, manual and powercord. Serial #: 1217604. Retail new: 10430 euro. Now: 3250 euro. The Twin Chakra has been sold.


    France Mar 11, 2018

    Complete with original box, remote, user under warranty 2019will ship worldwide.


  • 011
    Italy Mar 6, 2018

    For sale used Burmester 011 with phono and AC Power Silver   in excellent cosmetic and sonic condition  Box Original and manual originalWe welcome business from around the globe. Please contact us in advance of purchase for a shipping quote. You are responsible for voltage conversion. You are ..


  • Gryphon Pandora
    Italy Jan 20, 2018

    I sell wonderful Pre Pandora wonderful music and refined with manuals, packaging and accessoriesperfect current stateany proof only if otherwise affectedlittle negotiable or exchange with Pre and Ampli


  • Phantom 3
    France Dec 18, 2017

    New In Box, last unit available,240V 50/60HZworldwide shipment on request (quote)


  • KA L Reference Mk3
    Croatia Oct 28, 2017

    1 year old unit in silver, one owner, 4 years of transferable warranty left!!!!KA – L Reference Mk3 is our ultimate statement, with all of our knowledge and experience built into it. The best passive components that can be found on the market are being used in order to gain the best results pos ..


  • PRD-03
    Greece Oct 15, 2017

    For sale ex-demo GATO AUDIO PRD-03 in black finish and like new condition.Balanced preamplifier with DAC.Original complete packaging.Low shipping cost.Can ship worldwide. 230V version.


  • K5x Evolution
    Netherlands Oct 12, 2017

    Line Preamplifier. Nice condition, minimal usermarks, but has a small dent at the rear. Dutch distributor delivered. With manual, remote and powercord. Sounds surprisingly round and glowing, Truly nice preamp. Serial # 10K0312. No box. Pickup preferred.


  • Krell KRS-2 Reference Preamplifier ---SOLD--SOLD---
    Singapore Aug 18, 2017

    Krell KRS-2 Preamplifier  in Excellent condition for sale.Built in MM/MC phono stage.Adjustable MC impedance to match wide range of MC cartridges.   No repair and Modification.Manual , DC cables included. Photos taken are Actual item. Will professionally packed to ship worldwide.


  • PR-T1
    Greece Jul 21, 2017

    For sale a Wavac PR-T1 line preamplifier three pieces in very good condition with original package. It's boght by the first owner in 2013.Priced at the Highend Broker 9950 euro* or 11600 us ..


  • FET9e
    Singapore Jul 1, 2017

    Threshold FET9e Line stage preamplifier in excellent condition for sale. Photos taken are Actual item.Suitable Usage Voltage:  230VAC 50/60Hz.Will ship this item in  professional packing box.I can accept payment by bank transfer.Recommended Air shipping with Tracking.Please contact me for furt ..


  • Virgo 3 - demo model
    Netherlands May 1, 2017

     For sale a Constellation Audio Virgo 3pre amplifier in new condtion with less as 200 hours on it, buildin 2016 fully complete with original package, remote, manual etc. Priced at the Highend Broker 22950 usd** or 21000 euro export price or 25500 euro* when sold inside the eu..  For more info ..


  • C03
    Netherlands Apr 28, 2017

    For sale an Esoteric C03 preamp in great condition, incl remote and original package. Priced at the Highend Broker 4200 usd** or 3800 euro*. Â export price or 2665 euro*when sold inside the eu.(retail 6131 euro)  For more information visit our homepage: http://www.highend-broker.com * no e ..


  • Takumi K-10 - 1500 hours of use.
    Netherlands Apr 24, 2017

    For sale a Robert Koda Takumi K-10 multiple award winning preamplifier from 2012 with about 1500 hours on it, in mint condition fully complete. Priced at the Highend Broker 18000 euro* (retail 33000 euro) For more information visit our homepage: http://www.highend-broker.com * no extra tax and ..


  • 011
    Indonesia Apr 23, 2017

    For sell : Burmester 011 preamplifier with built in phono stage .  Voltage : 230 volts original. Bought since new . Keep in proper hifi room (no smooking & no pets/childs) . Condition : 9 of 10 , really like new condition .

    €6,500.00   New retail: €13,500.00

  • Absolute SE-50P + EPS
    France Mar 31, 2017

    For sale an Artec absolute SE-50P + EPS and original remote ex demo in mint condition, with original package.Priced at the Highend Broker 4600 euro when export or 5575 euro when sold inside the eu*.


  • C03
    Netherlands Mar 27, 2017

     Esoteric C03 preamp in great condition, incl remote and original package


  • Accuphase pre c-250 & power p350
    Croatia Jan 12, 2017

    Preamp and power amp in perfect condition! From the first owner private collection. Sounds great, without scratches. Remote is also like new. I do not have original package, but for shipping it comes in wooden box. PayPal, Returns are not accepted. Shipping costs on buyer. Details :


  • SM6 mk2
    Netherlands Jan 12, 2017

    Balanced pre amplifiers from Perreaux. This is their topmodel pre amp. Used in a second system, so hardly used. Complete with the original box, manual, remote.website manufacturer:


  • C-2420
    Romania Nov 28, 2016

    For sale Accuphase preamplifier C-2420, mint condition (like new), production 2015, original packaging.Shipping only in UE and only with insurance and is supported by the buyer. Preferred is personal pick up from my location in Bucharest. The items will be dispatched only after payment confirmat ..


  • CS 610 C
    Germany Sep 20, 2016

    British preamp in silver colour / black colour, with external power supply, connections for Phono MM + MC (internally switchable), 2 x Line, 1x Tape. Dimensions approx 9,5x11x35,5 cm (WxHxD). Rarely.More pictures (our images are all original images of the real items for sale), several thousand mo ..


  • C1100/T1100
    Italy Jul 4, 2016

    McIntosh DEMO C1100/T1100  in excellent cosmetic and sonic condition includes Power Cord, Remote Control, Owner's Manual, and Factory Double Box.and 5 years warranty We welcome business from around the globe. Please contact us in advance of purchase for a shipping quote. You are responsible fo ..


  • CR 10
    Germany Oct 20, 2015

    Rare remote controller. For listening zones 4 and 6 source devices. Can also be used as a preamplifier. 220 Volt European version.More pictures (our images are all original images of the real items for sale), several thousand more classic Hifi articles and more than 30,000 second-hand records and ..


  • Crescendo ------SOLD------------
    Singapore Oct 19, 2015

    Viola Crescendo Line Preamplifier  in excellent condition for sale.Built in 24 bits /192Khz DAC.Suitable Usage Voltage:  100VAC to 240VAC 50/60Hz.Will ship this item in the original factory box.Ipod Remote Control (Wifi) and Manual are included in this sale.I can accept payment by bank transfer ..


  • Arbiter Pre
    Germany Oct 8, 2015

    Praised his time as best preamp of the world. Super rare two-part reference Pre. Complete around 80 kg. With remote control. Connections: 1 balanced XLR input, 1 output balanced XLR, unbalanced continue (RCA) connectors for MC Phono (with DIP switches customizable), 2 x Tape, 3 x Line. Processor ..


  • MQ88u max 400 hours
    Netherlands May 30, 2015

    For sale a Luxman MQ88u power amplifier , 18 months old in mint condition , original tubes and packing , max 400 working hours with original package. (Optional we have the matching preamplifier CL38u for sale for 3700 euro)


  • L10 line pre amplifier- fully serviced
    Netherlands May 30, 2015

    For sale an Acurus L10 line pre amplifier, recently serviced with Padis fuse in mint condition.