• Diva
    Netherlands Nov 3, 2017

    WLM Diva Tineo / Indian apple finish, very nice condition. 95dB / 8Ohm. Pointsource.Has the optional and most expensive Stand II Exclusive which have been professionally sprayed in pianoblack.Serial # D-07077 Build of year presumably 2010. Retail new including Stand II Exclusive: 4100 euro. With ..


  • Acoustic Preference Gracioso 1.0 with Stands
    Cyprus Sep 22, 2017

    No introductions needed.Available for sale from the official dealers a pair  Acoustic Preference Gracioso 1.0 with European Walnut wood cabinets (Light brown wood). We can also arrange an American walnut wood pair which is basically the Dark brown wood. Characteristics:The Gracioso 1.0 is a 2-wa ..


    France Aug 12, 2017

    I sell my HARBETH super HL 5 plus speakers, which are in excellent condition, ebony tigger finish, with skylan feet and QBRICK decoupling cups dedicated.Very musical speakers that work with tube amplifiers, or class A transistors.Supplied with instructions, warranty certificate and original packa ..


  • DIAPASON III 25th or ASTERA will buy or replace another audio component.
    Poland Mar 25, 2017

    DIAPASON III 25th or ASTERA will buy or replace another audio component.I am interested in speakers DIAPASON III 25th or ASTERA.I have the following things to say:Http:// exchange or exchange with a surcharge - to be agreed.I live in Krakow in Poland.


  • SUPER HL 5 +
    Slovenia Dec 2, 2016

    On sale Harbeth speakers,brand new, original packing.Cherry veneer. Free shipping to Europe.

    €3,700.00   New retail: €4,500.00

  • MANTRA 10
    France Jun 22, 2016

    Pair of System Audio Mantra 10 white lacquerwith original boxuser manualquote for shipment on request.


  • HL Compact 7ES-3
    France May 25, 2016

    A pair from a customer,will come with original Boxes,shipping is free for Europe, otherwise please ask for a quote.payment by banks transfert,paypal is available at your own cost.Visit my Facebook @:


  • Guarnieri Evolution
    Italy May 18, 2016

    Sonus Faber Guarnieri Evolution  in as good as new condition. This pair is a demo used for approximately 80 original package, with the manual, spikes, tools and shipping crates 2 years warranty . Finish is Red .  These speakers are in excellent condition and have been tested here at our stor ..


  • 901 SERIE IV
    Chile Mar 21, 2016

     Hi guys I put or sell a Bose 901 Serie IV excelent  conditions  cosmetic and operative, original chrome pedestals  pedestal  without equalize  (I lost ) GENERAL specifications  Number of drivers 9 Power handling 450 W Amplifier recommended range 10-450 watts Impedance 8 Ohms DRIV ..


  • 846 A
    Chile Mar 21, 2016

    HI GUYS I PUT FOR SELL A VERY GOOD VINTAGE SPEAKERS ALTEC LANSING 846A VALENCIATHIS SPEAKERS SOUNDS AMAZINGThe Valencia portrays music in typical VOTT fashion yet it contains a degree of craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal that is still unmatched in the industry today. The entire unit is hand buil ..


  • Mojo Black Piano
    Switzerland Mar 19, 2016

    Abmessungen: H 52,0 cm, B 20,0 cm, T 42,0 cm Gewicht: 22,5 kg (Lautsprecher) Zwei-Wege-Lautsprechersystem mit drei Chassis Duelund-Konstantphasen-Frequenzweiche für durchgehend korrekte Phasenlage bei allen Frequenzen Systemfrequenzgang 3 ..


  • NICO
    France Mar 8, 2016

    Take the opportunity to try these Brand, sound is well balanced, well built, stereo image is wide.shipped with original price is 3990€


  • M30.1
    France Nov 20, 2015

    Demo pair complete with original BOXcan be ship WorldwidePlease visit my Facebook:  for visiting :)Ming


  • Diva Monitor
    Hungary Oct 24, 2015

    WLM Diva Monitor exdemo unit in excellent condition, beautiful zebrano real veneer, coaxial desing, 95 dB sensitivity. Very tube friendly, can be driven easily by a 8 Watt SET amplifier. The price is without stand, but also avaiable with the WLM Stand I Exclusive for additional 500 Euro.


  • Solo
    United Kingdom May 29, 2015

    A pair of Avantgarde Solo in "Citrine Orange" is available in mint condition. Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com Paypal please add 5 % more


  • 100 SL + SPA 24-850
    Sweden May 24, 2015

    a  pair ATC 100 SL + ATC SPA 24-850 + Speaker cable in great condition     


  • Doacoustics mod.202
    Slovenia Mar 6, 2015

    DoAcoustics Mod.202 je Hi-Fi zvočnik narejen z občutkom vmesnika med okoljem in poslušalcem. Kvaliteta zvoka in občutek pristnosti je pri DoAcoustics izjemnega pomena saj je plod večletnega znanja in testiranja za dosego najbol ..

    €8,900.00   New retail: €8,900.00

  • Mod.201
    Slovenia Mar 6, 2015

    DoAcoustics Mod.201 je Hi-Fi zvočnik narejen z občutkom vmesnika med okoljem in poslušalcem. Kvaliteta zvoka in občutek pristnosti je pri DoAcoustics izjemnega pomena saj je plod večletnega znanja in testiranja za dosego najbol ..

    €4,950.00   New retail: €4,950.00

  • Th-4001
    Hungary Jan 21, 2015

    TAD TH-4001 clone horns for sale.From plywood: 1200 euro/ pair. From black walnut: 1600 euro/ pair You can order rounded type of horns until 800 mm diameter. :)JMLC, Tractrix, Spherical, etc.contact:


  • Adamantes ii
    Germany Dec 8, 2014

    Diapason Adamantes II. Audio equipment that makes a statement even when it isn't turned on. two-way minimonitor. Its enclosure is apparently sculpted from solid hardwood, with a port on the rear. These speakers coming with stan ..

    €2,000.00   New retail: €4,600.00

  • Scm20-2 passive
    Germany Dec 8, 2014

    ATC SCM20-2 PASSIVE monitors for sale.The line represents excellence; their entry level products and much more expensive products perform very similarly. The ATC20-2 speakers here bear the new "modern" style . This two driver d ..

    €2,000.00   New retail: €4,000.00

  • Xq30 khaya mahogany
    Slovenia Sep 3, 2014

    Speakers for demonstration us in store - as new  KER XQ30 HAYA MAHOGANY (pair)

    €1,499.00   New retail: €2,499.00

  • Af-s2
    Italy Aug 15, 2014

    With the benefits of the phenomenal “S” system, the AF-S2 can sonorize small-medium environments with a natural and transparent emission. In these compact speakers the mids and mid-bass frequency are issued with a spectacular o ..

    €2,250.00   New retail: €2,520.00

  • Tizo+
    Belgium Feb 23, 2014

    "In leading lady terms the Tizo+ is a natural beauty. Her makeup artist plies his trade quite invisibly to the untrained eye. The result is very attractive and apparently sans touch-ups. In short with the Tizo+ Dejan Dobrin pro ..

    €650.00   New retail: €880.00

  • One
    Japan Jan 17, 2013

    we are ologe acoustic,  NOW free shipment to worldwide feel free to visit us at  PRICE = per UNIT NOT PAIRS Review reference -  AND  

    €1,900.00   New retail: €1,900.00

  • Mini monitor
    Germany Dec 3, 2012

    Verkaufe Von Blumenhofer Acoustics ein Paar Mini Monitore. Ausführung in Walnuss im top Zustand ohne Gebrauchsspuren. 1 Jahr alt, wenig gespielt. Preis ist Verhandlungssache.

    €900.00   New retail: €1,200.00

  • Terra mk3
    France May 22, 2012

    Frequency response................65-25kHz –3dbNominal impedance .........................8 ohmsSensitivity ......................86db 1 watt/1 meterRecommended RMS Power...30 to 100 wattsTweeter........................1.5” sil ..

    €1,600.00   New retail: €2,500.00

  • Terra ii
    France May 22, 2012

    EVERYTHING BUT THE BOX TERRA II .Demos model ;very nice speakers with very nice looking .Sound exceptionnal for the size of the speaker.Awarded in Japan .Frequency response................69-25kHz –3dbNominal impedance ........ ..

    €1,400.00   New retail: €2,000.00

  • Cremona auditor m
    Serbia May 14, 2012

    For sale a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M in maple finish with dedicated stands, all in mint condition. Serial number is 0593. Complete accessories included (boxes, spikes, packages, rubber covers etc). Shipping possible ..

    €2,800.00   New retail: €4,450.00