• Ref 600 MKIII
    Greece Mar 28, 2017

     A pair AudioResearch ref 600 MKIII without the reliability issues of the previous version , included custome made powercord (20A, 500 euro each) and new tubes which have after placing been used for 200 hours max (new tubes 3750 euro with receipt) with original package.


  • Charlemagne Q mono amplifiers
    Netherlands Mar 28, 2017

     a pair Shindo Corton Charlemagne Q mono amplifiers are the most powerful amplifier Ken Shindo ever create. Mint condition 6 months old, original NOS tubes, max working hours. 70 watts in Pure Class A, suitable for all speakers on the market. Impedance and sensitivity are not importan


  • Pure black 88
    Germany Mar 28, 2017

     A pair Melody pure black 88 monoblocks in great condition with a Svetlana winded KT88 and electro-harmonic 12au7/ecc82 tubes brand new in box


  • Speaker
    France Mar 28, 2017

    Speakers of very high-end team of dual speaker concentric Tannoy.In excellent condition, I have the instructions, the accessories as well as the original of purchase 11/2011New price: 11500 €.


  • MD-805 -pair
    Netherlands Mar 27, 2017

     Wavac MD-805 Set mono amplifiers 55 watts class A, two years old, sold by the first owner, in mint condition, with original packag


  • SE Signature amplifier
    Netherlands Mar 27, 2017

     a stereo pair siltech signature se tube amplifiers in mint condition, sold by the first owner, fully complete, complete with new siltech also have the matching Siltech Signature pre amp for sale for 6700 euro.


  • Eternity - 2 paiur available
    Greece Mar 27, 2017

    For sale a pair Sovereign Eternity, sold late 2010, they are in excellent condition. ( 2 pair available)Priced at the highend broker 11500 euro a pair.The owner used them in bi amp configuration:The serial numbers are: se101701, se101702, se101703 and se101704. 


  • 50 24Kt - monoblocks
    Netherlands Mar 27, 2017

     A pair of Manley Mono blocks 50 24Kt in mint condition with the latest improved special transformers, extreme musical.  For more information visit our homepage: Latestnewsletter: Facebook: 


  • A5000neo mono blocks
    Greece Mar 27, 2017

    a pair ALLNIC A5000neo mono, sold by the first owner, in excellent condition with original package. Ps:We also have the matching ALLNIC L-1500 LINE STAGE PREAMPLIFIER for sale for 2300 euro ..


  • Kharma Eniga Extreme powerblock
    Netherlands Mar 27, 2017

     Kharma Eniga Extreme powerblock - schuko version with max 500 hours on it, in mint condition, with sdss stand and original package


  • S9 - first owner
    France Mar 27, 2017

    Unison Research S9 (set integrated amp 2x 30W)in mint condition, sold by the first owner/ Warranty valid until 7/2017


  • C03
    Netherlands Mar 27, 2017

     Esoteric C03 preamp in great condition, incl remote and original package


  • XA160 - first owner
    Germany Mar 27, 2017

    A pair of Pass XA 160 mono power amplifiers: mint condition, low hours, first owner; During the latest experts check-up standard plastic speaker terminals have been replaced by full metal terminals suitable for both, spades and bananas old price 9750 reduced 26-feb-2016 to 8990 euro


  • Knotty
    Serbia Mar 25, 2017

    Final Touch Audio Speaker cable Knotty. 7 Cu wires per cable, each 1,2 mm in diameter. Mundorf banana plugs and Yarbo speaker cable fork. 2,5 meter long.


  • DIAPASON III 25th or ASTERA will buy or replace another audio component.
    Poland Mar 25, 2017

    DIAPASON III 25th or ASTERA will buy or replace another audio component.I am interested in speakers DIAPASON III 25th or ASTERA.I have the following things to say:Http:// exchange or exchange with a surcharge - to be agreed.I live in Krakow in Poland.


  • Colibri xgw african black wood
    Netherlands Mar 25, 2017

    NEW..Van den Hul XGW African black wood one time offer 2075 euro retail 6800 euro.The latest version of the limited Van den Hul Colibri is the XGW African Black Wood Grenadille cartridge. This complete hand built cartridge has a very nice hand carved Grenadille wood body. This has very special ac ..


  • C 046 IEC
    Serbia Mar 25, 2017

    Original Oyaide IEC Gold connector.Phosphor Bronze contacts (double polishing)Plating Gold 24k (1.5μ) then Palladium (0.3μ)Body Polycarbonate filled with 30% fiberglass for optimum rigidityStainless steel screwsCable diameter: from 6.5 to 17 mm (AWG 10)


  • hiFace EVO
    Serbia Mar 25, 2017

    hiFace EVO USB to S/PDIF in excellent condition.Original box.


  • Enterprise 300 Watt world-class monoblocks!
    Croatia Mar 24, 2017

    "..AMONG THE BEST we've ever has an AIRY and OPEN CLEANLINESS and UNUSUAL ABILITY to paint wide open spaces, the subtle sound of a large concert hall for example. In this area, the Enterprise has few peers.."- Alvin Gold, HIFI Choice Magazine, UK"..If you like cleanness, TRANSPARENCY, and sonic ..

    €3,800.00   New retail: €12,000.00

  • SPM 4000MKII
    Netherlands Mar 24, 2017

    Chord SPM4000, latest MK2 version from june 2016 in mint condition, fully complete


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